Kenlowe Pre-heaters for cars, 4x4's and Caravanetts
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The Kenlowe is very compact and can be secured in any convenient place under bonnet using three self tapping screws provided. Mounting plates are supplied to ensure easy fitting in any vehicle - see diagram of various layouts. The Kenlowe pre-heater is supplied with heater hose, connectors and hose clips to enable simple fitment into the existing heater hose line - see diagram of a typical installation. (Clamp the hose temporarily at the point the appliance hoses connect to the vehicle hoses thus avoiding draining the system). To complete installation connect the special mains plug to the appliance and the socket with spring loaded flap to a suitable extension lead. The purpose made plug-housing fits in any convenient position as shown. Detailed instructions and all fittings for easy DIY installation are included. This equipment may be easily transferred to a subsequent vehicle.


The Kenlowe pre-heating system incorporates a specially made plug that can be mounted above or below the bumper where it will be convenient for use without even needing to lift the bonnet. Simply plug in to the special socket provided for your extension lead and connect to standard mains 13amp* wall socket. The appliance may be switched on around 20* minutes before your expected departure, or alternatively, use a mains domestic appliance timer programmed for your regular requirements. To heat the interior and demist the windows turn the vehicle interior fan on as soon as you start your vehicle. Optional auto interior sensors can be specified that allow you to pre-heat the passenger compartment whilst the engine pre-heat cycle is taking place. (See separate section).

*A 20 min. engine pre-heating running cycle is typical for a 2.0 litre engine-smaller or larger engines decrease or increase this time.

*9amp 2000-watt model available if needed if you're A.C. mains supply is limited.

In line with E.E.C. law we recommend you use an E.C.L.B. (earth leakage circuit breaker) with any A.C. appliance used outside.

Running Kenlowe Hotstart costs around 10 pence to pre-heat a typical family car assuming an ambient of 0°C.