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Go anywhere 4x4 off road vehicle manufacturers fit a larger than average belt driven engine fan just in case you are the one in a million who tow two ton across the Sahara! However, as most owners spend the majority of their time on the road you suffer the noise of a large continuously driven viscous fixed fan, moving a lot of air to over cool your engine and to waste around 8.5% of fuel or performance. Replacing the belt driven engine fan with a Kenlowe thermo-electric fan makes any 4x4 drive more like a car, much quieter and less tiring on a run combined with around 8.5% fuel saving or 8.5% extra performance. In addition the engine and therefore the heater, warm up quicker to a more efficient operating temperature without cold air being blown over a cold engine! The engine also becomes more flexible and free revving which is invaluable when overtaking, you even need fewer gear changes which can be a relief on long journeys. Removal of the engine fan overcomes the risk of drowned electric's from water spray when fording. For off road vehicles fitted with air-conditioning radiator in front of the water radiator apply for recommendation from Kenlowe Technical Services
Many classic and vintage cars were designed in an era where today's density of traffic was an unseen nightmare and our motorways all too often resemble traffic jams resulting in engines which overheat all too readily. Engine damage can result and with parts becoming expensive or no longer available it can be essential to fit a Kenlowe secondary booster fan in preparation for using your classic on today's roads. Classic or historic car rallies in the U.K. and the hotter climates of Southern Europe increase the necessity for improved cooling. Use a Kenlowe thermo electric fan to provide insurance against damage caused by overheating on today's congested roads. Kenlowe thermo-electric fans are also available for use in place of the belt driven fan on vehicles with no history of overheating, to replace the original equipment electric fans fitted as standard on some classic cars in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. Select a suitable size or advise vehicle details - Kenlowe's classic car advisory department, established over 40 years, has experience of almost every car from pre-war Bentley to post war classics such as the Jaguar 'E' type to name just two.
Many replica cars have special cooling needs because the radiator size or efficiency may not be as great as the original designed for the engine. In addition the air intake or exit from under the bonnet may be limited and a belt driven fan could be too far from the radiator to be efficient! All will lead to a cooling system which) in high summer allows overheating! Use a Kenlowe fan for improved traffic cooling, around 8.5% power or fuel saving, a quicker warm up etc. Alternatively use the Kenlowe fan in addition to a belt driven fan for extra cooling. A Kenlowe fan is available for almost all replica cars.
Rallies, trials and club meetings have created a wide range of specially modified road cars or purpose built competition cars. All have special cooling requirements. Kenlowe's wide range and extensive experience ensures a suitable model of Kenlowe thermo-electric fan is available.
Original equipment replacement Viscous slip clutch fans are almost always more expensive than a Kenlowe thermo-electric fan which has the advantage of improved m.p.g., reduced noise and a quicker warp-up. Whilst the benefits alone make a strong case, the financial saving when compared with parts for cars from mainland Europe and the Far East can be significant. Kenlowe replacement Original Equipment Electric fans are a low cost, high quality, immediately available option for British, European, Japanese and American manufactured cars. Models are generally directly interchangeable and therefore easily installed. Alternatively, use a larger size Kenlowe for improved cooling - universal mountings make installation simple. Kenlowe thermo-electric fans are available for almost all vehicles fitted with a viscous fan or an original equipment electric fan - ring Kenlowe Technical Services for details, price and your nearest stockist.
Overheating can be caused by the extra load imposed on the cooling system by automatic gearboxes, air conditioning systems, high summer ambient air temperatures, cooling system design limitations, silting of the cooling system due to age and hard water deposits but more often than not simply because you tow a caravan or get stuck in a traffic jam!
Traffic jams in congested urban areas or even on motorways can involve hours and miles of stop/start driving which many cooling systems fail to cope with. On a motorway tailback in particular, the vehicle arrives at the hold-up with heatsoak at saturation point and any additional heat generated has to be dispersed instantly by creating extra cooling airflow. In traffic with no forward speed a KENLOWE thermo-electric fan is often needed to provide this extra cooling! Belt driven engine fans are limited to tickover and vehicles cooled by a single electric fan covering half the radiator area often only realise 50% of radiator's heat exchange potential!
  CARAVAN TOWING makes any car engine work harder which may not be surprising when you consider that an 18 cwt. (914 kilo) caravan is equal to carrying an extra fourteen 10 stone people in addition to your normal family! It is, therefore, not unusual for many caravanners to find that their cooling system fails to cope a long way from home whilst on holiday! Overheating is often the result of inadequate airflow to deal with the considerably greater heat generated when towing uphill or during stop start traffic. (Heat passes from the radiator on the air in proportion to the air volume/velocity exiting the radiator!)
  VISCOUS OR FIXED ENGINE DRIVEN FANS often need a KENLOWE booster fan mounted in front of the radiator to force feed the engine fan to increase the exit volume of air from the radiator or address areas of the radiator not efficiently cooled by the engine fan. In traffic an engine fan's performance is limited by tickover revs and at higher revs the viscous clutch fans slip a little which is fine when travelling solo on the flat but on hills with a caravan in tow this works against you - towing means higher revs and less speed and therefore just as you need more cooling you have less incoming airflow and less airflow from the viscous fan!
  SINGLE ELECTRIC FANS covering only a proportion of the car's radiator area can prove "adequate" when solo but tow duty often needs the full radiator potential to be realised. Maximising the radiator's performance can be achieved with a second thermo-electric fan mounted either alongside the original or if space is limited, on the other side of the radiator biased to the unassisted area (overlap of a blowing and suction fan has "positive" advantages). The secondary KENLOWE fan system has the benefit of being powerful yet quiet, continuously rated and therefore able to work all day if need be. (An original equipment electric fan is nearly always intermittently rated!) In addition the KENLOWE fan has its own automatic temperature control which is adjustable enabling the cut in temperature to be set to activate sooner or later than the existing fan - a secondary additional KENLOWE fan ensures that you have not got all your cooling eggs in one basket!